• DCS UVMVP Series

      • UV printing is no longer difficult – Direct Color Systems® has mastered the science and Sign to Badge Solutions presents this class-leading small-format range of UV LED inkjet printers. Available in 3 models: UVMVP4, UVMVP6 and UVMVP15, this printer offers you the potential to expand your product offering to reach a greater market sector and meet the increasing demands of the most discerning customers.


        The direct jet UVMVP series offers a wide range of capabilities with crisp text printing and vibrant full-colour images on a variety of substrates including cylindrical objects including bottles and textured substrates. Easily and effectively print on wood, ceramic tiles, glass, metals, plastics, promotional products, industrial parts and many more!

        Expand your range of promotional products!

        The DCS UVMVP Series allows you to meet client demands with an expanded range of promotional products including printing on round objects with the EasyCyl attachment. This attachment allows you to print directly onto both beer and wine bottles, soft drink and other bottles, cups, cans, glasses, candles and a range of cylindrical style award objects.

        Wider range in less time!

        You’ll be amazed at the print speed with the EasyCyl attachment – print 127mm x 127 mm with a full colour logo in under 2 minutes. Your clients no longer have to compromise for light or white coloured objects as you’ll now be able to offer an unlimited selected of substrate colours to cover both white and full colour prints.

        Color Byte RIP Software delivers a new dimension to your business.

        Achieve texture 3D printing with the DCS trademarked Textur3D™ process in conjunction with the Color Byte RIP software. No more multiple passes, with the three groups of print head channels in the RIP, you can simultaneously, inline in a single pass, print a combination of two or three of these channels.

        This innovative process allows you to achieve raised-texture results which add dimension, excitement, interest and stunning effects on a wide range of textures. Print logos, slogans, campaign messages and any other creative ideas your customers can imagine on mobile phone covers and other promotional items made from acrylic, wood, glass, metal and many more.

        Expand your market to meet visually impaired building codes.

        The UVMVP series incorporates the innovative new DCS patented capability to create ADA-compliant braille signage quickly, easily and economically. Simply combine your UVMVP printer with the Color Byte software, the add-on ADA module and InkMark™ UV metal matte-finish substrates or standard cast acrylic and you’re set to meet the demand for what is likely to be a growing market sector. Highly effective, yet affordable signage with fully digitally printed background, raised lettering and braille dots printed in a matter of minutes.

        Not merely an amazing, industry-leading printer, the DCS UVMVP series is an opportunity to grow your business.

        Check out the features and contact Sign to Badge Solutions to discuss a great deal on the DCS UVMVP Series Printer.

      • The Direct Color Systems® 1024UVMVP offers a wide range of capabilities to enhance your service offerings:-

        • • The TEXTUR3D™ feature empowers you to create 3 dimensional prints plus standard flat prints with a unique look and feel.
        • • Printing on bottles and other cylindrical objects is now a simple process with the EasyCyl attachment.
        • • Large printable area of up to 254mm x 610mm (10” x 24”)
        • • The UVMVP is fully adjustable to allow for substrates up to 102mm, 152mm or 381mm high, depending on the model
        • • Capable of printing on ceramic tiles, plastic, metal, glass, wood, promotional products, industrial parts.

        Enhance your production with these impressive features:

        • • Inline printing gives you wide flexibility. Simultaneously, inline, in a single pass, print any combination of two or three from the RIP 9 groups of colour, white and clear print head channels.
        • • UV printing is easy with the ACS™ UV print head anti-cure system.
        • • Print head strikes are reduced as the LED sensors automatically adjust the head height

        Achieve superior print quality with Direct Color Systems® precision functionality:

        • • When utilising the Y-axis Heavy-Duty Direct Drive Module, achieve Y-axis absolute positioning accuracy and repeatability of ± 0.015mm (0.038")
        • • Industry-leading print quality with Precision Dot Control™ function.
        • • Now you can print vibrant colours on both coloured and transparent substrates as the white UV ink creates an extremely opaque image.
        • • You’ll appreciate the exceptional solvent and abrasion durability with the 6 colour ink set including both clear and white.
      • Disclaimer: data for information purposes only, specs can change without notice, check with Sign to Badge for latest details,

        Manufactured: USA
        Printing Area: 254mm x 610mm (10" x 24")
        Max. Substrate Height: 102mm (MVP4), 152mm (MVP6) or 381mm (MVP15)
        Max. Substrate Weight: 4.5kg /13.6kg With the optional heavy duty Direct Drive Stepper Module. 4.5kg (10lbs) on the standard model
        Print Time (colour only): 2.99 m2/hr (4,645 in2/hr)
        Print Time (white with colour): 1.74 m2/hr (2,700 in2/hr)
        ADA-Compliant/Braille Printing: YES
        EasyCyl-Cylindrical Object Printing: YES
        TEXTUR3D™ Printing: YES
        Y-Axis Absolute Positioning Accuracy: ±0.038mm (±0.0015") When using the Y-axis Heavy Duty Direct Drive Module.
        Ink Supply: Bulk Ink System™ with 300ml tanks
        Complete White Ink Circulation System: YES
        ACS™-Anti-Cure System for Print Head: YES
        Precision Dot Control™: YES
        Control Panel: 89mm(3.5”) LCD touch screen display
        Included Software: Color Byte RIP 9 (Front End and RIP)
        Economy Print Modes: YES
        Max. Print Resolution: 5760 dpi
        Interface: Hi-speed USB 2.0

        Specs provided for information purposes only. Specs subject to change, please confirm data with Sign to Badge prior to purchase if required

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