DCS Direct Jet 7200z

  • DCS Direct Jet 7200z

      • With print speeds up to 29.7 sqm/hour, printable area of 600mmx1200mm and capabilities to print raised-texture, cylindrical objects, braille signage and DTG, the Direct Jet 7200Z from Direct Color Systems® is a true production centre. Considered the most versatile printer available, Sign to Badge Solutions brings this industry-leading, wide-format UV LED flatbed printer to the Australian market, offering you the opportunity to take your business to a new level of market reach.

        • • Automation and Throughput – Best in Class
        • • Versatility – unmatched – 3D, cylindrical, compliant braille, DTG, wide range of substrates
        • • UV Printer Technology – Industry-leading quality


        ‘The most versatile printer available’ -Direct Color Systems® Direct Jet 7200z has outstanding capabilities to print both standard flat and 3 dimensional raised-texture on a multitude of substrates, on cylindrical objects, direct-to-garment (DTG) and creates Compliant Braille signage – a true production centre with the potential to energise and expand your product and service range.

        Expand your services with Compliant Braille Signage capability!

        The 7200z range includes the optional DCS patented printing process to create compliant braille signage quickly and economically to bring new markets to your business. The 7200z combines with the ColorByte software, ADA module and InkMark™ UV Metal matte-finish substrates or standard cast acryclic, and you then have the option of first or second surface graphics to create raised-texture signage. In less than a staggering 4 minutes, you can produce standard 150x200mm signs complete with a digitally printed background, braille dots and raised lettering.

        Cylindrical Printing expands your range of promotional products!

        Not just a sign and print shop but become a one-stop shop for promo products. The EasyCyl attachment transforms your 7200z into a precision printer to create full-colour images as well as TEXTUR3D™ prints on a range of cylindrical objects in all colour substrates - beer and wine bottles, soft drink and other bottles, cups, cans, glasses, candles, tubes and many more.

        Direct-to-Garment (DTG) now possible without chemical pre-treatments!

        Utilising the Multisolve IRF6 Flexible inks, this true production centre creates resistant and durable prints directly onto T-shirts. The F6 editions also have the capability to print on both dark and light coloured garments. This innovation signals a seismic shift for the industry as the first DTG printer range which has the capability to print onto cotton and cotton blends as well as 100% polyester fabrics and synthetics without requiring chemical pre-treatments. A versatility which can radically expand your product range and improve the ever-important bottom line.

        TEXTUR3D™ creates a unique look and feel for customers, new opportunities for you.

        The Direct Jet 7200z utilises the innovative new feature in the Color Byte RIP software - TEXTUR3D™. A feature which allows you to achieve unique looks and feels with raised-texture results in a single pass. Create both 3 dimensional and standard flat prints with excitement, depth, interest with stunning effects while creating new opportunities to expand your business offerings. Logos, slogans, campaign messages and plenty of other creative ideas that your customers come in with, can now be reproduced in raised-texture on acrylic, word, glass, plastic, metal and whole heap more materials.

        Multiple passes are a thing of the past with the 7200z - with the three groups of print head channels in the Color Byte RIP software, you can simultaneously, inline in a single pass, print a combination of two or three of these channels.

        With best in class automation and technology, versatility you can’t find anywhere else in a wide-format UV LED flatbed printer and industry-leading printer technology, the DCS Direct Jet 7200z from Sign to Badge Solutions is ready to become the true production centre of your business. Check out the features and contact Sign to Badge Solutions to discuss a great deal on the DCS Direct Jet 7200z

      • Available in standard IR2 or F6 editions, the Direct Color Systems® Direct Jet 7200z wide-format UV LED flatbed printer has the features to take position as the true production centre of your operation:

        • • Print speeds up to 29.7sqm per hour (320 sq feet/hour)
        • • Printable are of 600mm x 1200mm (23.8” x 48”)
        • • EasyCyl 7200 module facilitates printing on cylindrical objects
        • • DCS patented ADA-compliant braille signage capability

        Automation and Technology – Best in Class!

        • • A vacuum table option is available
        • • Automated URL design, eCommerce plus download to RIP option
        • • Enhance print speed through the combination of two individually controlled, air-cooled, UV LED lamps with 10 ink channels – C, M, Y, K, Cl, Cl, Wh, Wh, Wh Wh
        • • Operate the 7200z from multiple points with the mobile touch screen pendants

        Unparalleled Versatility

        • • With TEXTUR3D™ you can create both 3 dimensional and standard flat prints.
        • • Option to enable printing of braille signage with DCS patented technology.
        • • Print directly onto both light and dark coloured fabrics with the F6 edition (patent pending)
        • • Fully adjustable heights to allow for substrates measuring 0mm-15cm(6”) on the 7200z15 and 0mm-30cm (12”) on the 7200z30.
        • • Print on just about any substrate available – wood, glass, ceramics, plastics, industrial parts, selection of promotional products and many more.
        • • Color Byte RIP software is included in the 7200z and seamlessly integrates with the industry-standard design programs including Illustrator, Photoshop, Color Byte Front End and CorelDraw

        Industry-Leading UV Printer Technology

        • • Y-axis absolute positioning accuracy and repeatability - ±.038mm (0.0015”)
        • • Industry leading print quality with Precision Dot Control™
        • • Save money by eliminating ink wastage – the Bulk Ink System™ allows you to utilise 100% of the available ink.
        • • White Ink Circulation System allows programmed and automatic settings for the circulation of the white ink tank and lines.
      • Disclaimer: data for information purposes only, specs can change without notice, check with Sign to Badge for latest details,

        Manufactured: USA
        Imaging Process: On-demand inkjet (Micro Piezo) 10-channel head with 360 nozzles/inch/channel
        Resolution: Draft: 360x360. Text and graphics: 360 x 720, 720 x360 substrate dependent; Production (substrate dependent) 720x720, 720x1440; Quality (substrate dependent) 1080x1440, 1440x1440, 2880x1440.
        Ink Droplet Size: 3.5 picolitres min, 21.8 picolitres max
        Ink Colours: yellow, magenta, cyan, black, 4 x white, 2 x clear
        Ink Delivery System: Bulk In System™, user refillable 300ml.
        Print Speed: Dependent on computer configuration:29.7m/hr/320’/hr – draft mode (360x360 Bi). 19m/hr/205’/hr – text & graphic mode (360x720 Bi)
        Y-Axis Absolute Positioning Accuracy & Repeatability using Y-Axis Heavy Duty Drive Module: ±.0.038mm//±0.0015
        Print Direction: Uni and bi- directional
        Max. Printable Area: 600mm x 1200mm//23.8”x48”
        Max. Substrate Size: 660mmx1270mm//26”x50” (larger may be printed as sides open)
        Z-Axis (depth/thickness/control): 7200z15: fully adjustable 0cm to 15 cm(6”) 7200z30: 0cm to 30cm(12”)
        Media: Using the DCS Multisolve LED UV IR2 or IRF4 ink sets, prints to variety of substrates, including glass, acrylic, wood, metal, ceramic. For textiles, ie T-shirts, bags, belts etc use the IRF6
        Control Panel: 89mm(3.5”) Colour LCD Touch Screen Display
        Interface: Hi-speed USB 2.0
        UV Curing System: MarkWare™ Software, LabelMark™ 6 Software,Codesoft™ Labelling Software
        Two individually controlled, air-cooled, UV LED lamps: MarkWare™ Software, LabelMark™ 6 Software,Codesoft™ Labelling Software
        Windows Operating System: Windows 7, 8, 10 – 32 and 64 bit
        System Requirements (min): CPU of >3 GHZ. 8gb RAM. 100 gb free hard risk space, 4 available USB 2.0 ports
        Power Source: 100-240VAC, 50-60Hz, 20A auto switching
        Operating Temperature: Standby and Standing: 16°C-26°C/60°F-80°F
        Humidity: Non-condensing 20-80%
        Optional Accessories: EasyCyl 7200, EasyRoll 7200, Vacuum Table, ADA/Braille Module, DTG, Automated URL design
        Weight: 635kgs/1400lbs
        Dimensions: 2,337mm D x 1626 mm H x 1575mm W
        Warranty: 1 year limited warranty on printer
        RIP: Color Byte RIP 10

        Specs provided for information purposes only. Specs subject to change, please confirm data with Sign to Badge prior to purchase if required.

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