CWT Worktools Linear Cutter

  • CWT Worktools Linear Cutter

      • The CWT Linear Cutters are an innovative product which are easy to use allowing even a novice in your business to single handedly cut and trim a wide range of materials like a professional. Delivered ready to use, the Linear Cutter also comes standard with a combination of 3 blades for cutting different materials increasing its versatility in your business. Some materials that can be cut with a CWT Linear Cutter are Vinyl, PVC Banner, Fabrics, Rubber, Floor Carpets, Engraving Plastics, and you can even score cut Composite Panel. In addition to this versatility, when having to perform cuts out of reach, the CWT Linear Cutters also has a “Remote Control Stick” ensuring that these longer cuts can be performed in one smooth action. Finally the strong but light weight design of the Linear Cutter allows for easy movement and storage once the cutting job is completed.

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